رخشانه / Rokhshanah – 45 rpm on Golden record #1

Rokhshanah – “Zolf e Siah”

This ep was found by a friend in Tehran in his own archives and first, I want to thank him. Not only are the 45 rpm of Afghan music very rare but in addition, they are most often without picture sleeves. This one has one with the portrait of Rokshanah. Right next to it, you can read the address of a music retailer where it was possible to buy this vinyl in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Also on the reverse side is the address of a second seller located this time in Mazar e Sharif.

As you see, there are five songs indicated. Only two are on this ep, the first two titles. Number three and four are on a second vinyl that we will post later, and the fifth is on this one.

The first song “Zolf e Siah” was totally new for me and is an extremely interesting one with a slow rythm creating a captivating amosphere.

The second one was probably one of the first success of Rokhshanah, entitled “tshashm e Siah” (for ‘Dark Eyes”) and which was also made popular later by the famous Ahmad Zahir.

Rokhshanah – “Tshashm e Siah”

The theme of “Dark Eyes” in music would probably be an interesting subject for a book as it is very common in many songs in differents countries from Asia to Europe.

Let’s enjoy here Rokhshanah’s contribution to this large question.

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