Various Artists – 33 rpm on мелодия label

Ustad Malang Nejrawi and Nik Mohammad Pardjush – Instrumental Piece

Here is a very interesting LP published in 1988 on soviet label мелодия/Melodiya. For years, the Registan of Samarcand has been the hotspot for many artists from countries like Tajikistan or even Iraq or Yemen. On this vinyl recorded in 1987, we find on the side A the recordings of a concert of Armenian artists and on the side B, the performance of a line-up of Aghan musicians composed of Ustad Malang Nejrawi (Zirbaghali ), Ustad Jilani (rubab), Nik Mohammad Pardjush (tanbur) and especially Ustad Ebrahim Nassim for what is one of his last recorded songs known to this date.


Ustad Ebraheem Nassim – Biya Gul

It was the only time to my knowledge that Utad Jilani had his rubab featuring on a vinyl, which is not the case for Ustad Malang Nejrawi whose art of drums has been seriously documented on many records.


This LP was recorded during hard times in Afghanistan and we can easily imagine how it was difficult for these artists to represent Afghanistan for a show in Soviet Union while their own country was under Russian invasion. Equilibrist issue.

Four tracks in total are included on the Afghan side of this LP. All are available on our video channel.

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