Our « Central Asian Moods » mix on Radio is a Foreign Country

We were invited by Kenneth Routon from Radio is a Foreign Country to present a selection of our choice, so no surprise: We have chosen some tracks from Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

« Central Asian Moods: Divas’ Laments And Heartbroken Brave Men »

It was a pleasure for us to do it as it has reminded us the time we had our radio program here in Bordeaux, France.

Kenneth has chosen to use a picture from the Afghan movie « Biganaah » as an illustration, from which we used an acapella track by Sima Taraneh (go to afghanmagazine website to read an interesting article about this movie)

Hope you are all doing well and staying strong in these hard times.

Here is the complete track list of this selection:

1 Introduction : Chant du Nouristan (Afghanistan – Various – 45rpm on BAM records – songs collected by Jacques Cornet)

2 Ustad Biltoun : Kabul radio song (Afghanistan 60’s)

3 Pamir’s lament (Tajikistan)

4 Leila Sharipova : Caravan Afghan song (Ouzbékistan)

5 Dzurabek Muradov : Rapo (Tajikistan)

6 Interlude #1 : Sima Taraneh (from the movie Beeganaah -Afghanistan)

7 Tanbaku et Naim (Afghanistan 1973)

8 Gulandam & Zulaikha : wedding song (Afghanistan 1968)

9 Mohamed Qasem : Ghori (Herat piece – Afghanistan 1968)

10 Interlude #2 : 2 dilrubas ( Afghanistan)

11 Chant Pachtoun (Afghanistan 1958)

12 interlude #3: end of night program on Radio Afghanistan 70’s

13 Zhila : Dour az tu (Afghanistan 60’s)

14 Gulbek Saodatov : instrumental (Tajikistan)

15 Kamaloddin Rahimov : Bulbul (Uzbekistan 1982)

16 Munajat Yultshieva : Munajat (Uzbekistan 1982)

17 Baba Qeran : Quodlibet (Afghanistan 1968)

18 Khanifa Mavlyanova: May bi May (Tajikistan 50’s)

19 Outro: Nuristani song (Afghanistan – Various – 33rpm on Barclay – Musique de la route interdite du Nouristan – 1970)

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