Dear lover of Afghan Music, 

We have launched this humble website in order to share our passion for this beautiful music. Having spent a certain quantity of time to bring together a few Afghan records, we finally realised that it was a shame to keep these finds private. 

You will find here soundclips and labels (sometimes with picture sleeves!) of 78/33/45 rpm records and  sometimes cassettes found during our research or ones that our friends have kindly shared with us…. and so with you! You will also have access to complete tracks on our video channel or on the audioplayer located in the ‘Contact’ page. Please don’t mind the crackling sound as most of these records are now more than 50 years old!

The songs and records in these pages were mainly produced from the late 1950’s to the end of 1970’s. They are very rare to find nowadays, due to understandable reasons.

We are not historians or musicologists, this is an amateur work focused on music and records. At times we will provide some informations about artists although most can be found online.

Contributions are welcome to this website, you may contact us on our email address listed in the ‘Contact’ page.

A lot of this beautiful music is yet to be discovered and we hope to find more in the future.

In all cases, thanks a lot for your visit and if you like this music, welcome Home! 

Julien Thiennot (Bordeaux, France)

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